6 Clever Natural Methods Of Keeping Lawn Pests At Bay

As a gardener, you know most of your time doing yard work will be taken up by weeding and getting rid of lawn pests. You have heard about the dangers of excessive pesticide use. There are natural methods you can use for eliminating any problematic creepy crawlies, though.

Here are six of the main methods used to keep lawn pests away.

1. Beer Slug Trap
Slugs will eat all your leafy plants, if you let them. Yet they seem to love beer. Take some beer (stale or not) and put it in a small dish. Place it in your yard and the slugs will instantly be attracted to it. They will go in for a drink and literally drown themselves when getting drunk. At least they will die happy!

2. Egg Shells
Caterpillars, slugs, cutworms, and anything else that walks along the ground can be deterred by scattering crushed eggshells, nuts, and ground coffee beans everywhere. The edges act like glass and encourages their tiny feet to stay away.

The best part is all of these options will decompose and add nutrients to the soil, so they’re also natural fertilizers.

3. Bananas for Aphids
Aphids suck the sap out of plants, but they are put off by the smell of decaying bananas. Take a banana and chop up the peel. Mix the peel into the soil with the plants and wait. The aphids will avoid your garden because of the scent. Bananas are also a healthy source of potassium for your soil.

4. Scarecrows
Traditional scarecrows don’t work. You need some sort of moving part to it to scare birds away. Use light by investing in some aluminum foil, or even just some old CDs that you’ve tied together. Hang them up near your plants and the moving light will create the illusion the scarecrow is a moving entity.

Make sure any materials hang loosely. You want to make sure they can still move if there’s no sunlight.

5. Tobacco Juice Spray
Tobacco juice plant spray is another option for getting rid of plant-damaging insects. Take one cup of tobacco and add it to one gallon of water. Let it settle for about 24 hours. Place the mixture into a bottle and spray the leaves of your plants with it. You can’t use it on plants that produce edible food, though.

The one downside is tobacco juice spray changes the taste of the plant. It’s why you should always keep it away from eggplants, peppers, and other plants in the Solanaceae family.

6. Deer Problem
For most of us, deer are never a problem. In rural areas of the US, gardeners find them to be a real hassle. Fences will keep most of them out, but the more determined ones still might enter your garden. There are a number of options for this, but the best one by far is human urine.

They are scared of the stench of humans and other pets. They are docile creatures. Mark your territory by creating a tinkle barrier around the perimeter of your garden every few days. Now that is some creative repurposing!