Housekeeping Routine for Asthma-Friendly Home

Asthma attacks can be caused by various factors not only outdoors, but also indoors. The sad part is, you can’t actually control air pollution outside, but you can minimize asthma triggers at home.

No matter if the person suffering from asthma is you or somebody else, special measures should be taken to provide a healthy environment in the household, free of mold, mildew, air pollutants, dust mites and smoke.

There are several things to think about when doing your regular chores to make sure your home is all clean and asthma-friendly.

Here are the most common asthma triggers in the house and how to deal with them:

Dust Mites

• Make sure you wash the blankets and sheets every week without exception and use really hot water for this purpose
• Make sure indoor humidity is lower than 60%; use central air conditioners and dehumidifiers
• Use dust-proof covers to cover the pillows and mattresses
• If you have stuffed animals, keep them away; make sure they are out of the bed; also, wash them on a weekly basis in hot water
• Don’t put carpets in the bedroom; if you have one, be sure to remove it


• If you have feathered and furred pets, make sure you keep them outside
• Make sure pets don’t enter your bedroom
• Keep your animals away from furniture, especially if it is fabric-covered


If you have asthma, vacuuming the house is not a good idea as you will breathe in all the dust that has accumulated. Ask somebody else to do this for you and make sure you are outside or in another room while the house is being vacuumed.

Using a vacuum cleaner that has a special HEPA filter will make your cleaning routine safer. Else, you can use a microfiber bag with two layers.

Smoke, Sprays, Bad Odors

Avoid using perfumes, sprays and other solutions that have a strong odor. Hair sprays, talcum powder, perfumes and paints are to be avoided.

Having a fireplace in the house when there are people suffering from asthma is not recommended.

Also, if there are smokers in your family, none of them should smoke at home or in the car.

Outdoor Mold and Pollen

In spring, many trees release pollen in the air that is a grave problem for allergic people and people with asthma. At this time of the year, you had better keep your windows shut. If you want to air the house, make sure you open the windows after 10 am. Experts claim that higher amounts of pollen are released between 5 am and 10 am. So keep your windows closed till 10 am.

Ask your health care provider whether you should be taking anti-inflammatory medicine prior to the allergy season. It is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions.


You should keep cockroaches out of the house. As you probably know, they like foods rich in proteins and sugar. They will simply love your house if you keep unstored cheese, meat, sugary food, crumbs, beer, leather, grease, etc. This is why you should always keep your food in containers. As for garbage, it should be kept closed as well.

To get rid of cockroaches, use poison powders, paste, baits or gel. Set traps in the house. Avoid using aerosol sprays, however.

Ensuring a healthy environment at home when people with asthma are present is very important. Follow these simple tips to make your home healthier and asthma-friendly.

Peter Davis loves to write about health and cleaning. As a manager of PerfectCleaning he has knowledge and useful recommendations how to keep one place fresh and dust free.