What First Timers Need To Expect At Thai Massage?

It is believed that Thai massage form was developed 2,500 years ago in Thailand by the Buddhist monks. However, it is a new form added at the modern spas, so many people are still not aware of what to expect during Thai massage.

Basically, it makes use of gentle pressure along the energy lines through passive stretching. This helps to relieve the joint and muscle tension, balance energy system in the body and improve flexibility.

Thai massage is a spiritual tradition conducted with an aim to heal someone physically, psychologically and spiritually. It needs extensive training and a lot of practice to hone this style. Therefore choose a therapist who is specially trained for Thai Massage québec.

Remember not to confuse this form with sensual massage. Actually, you will find that many enthusiastic therapist visit Thailand to gain some genuine knowledge of this style.

What to expect at Thai massage?

Thai massage is usually performed on the floor. You need to wear stretchy and loose clothes. A futon mat is laid, where you lie down and the therapist will do all the work of moving your body in variety of positions and stretches.

Variety of techniques in an array are used like lying face down or up, on your side or seated, and more. Even though the name includes the term ‘massage’ there is no muscle rubbing but the body is stretched, pulled, rocked, and compressed.

Unlike Swedish massage style, there is plenty of interaction between you and the therapist. The therapist will use her own body to leverage you in an elongating stretches. Your body will be used as a tool by sitting on your legs and feet to push or pull you in twists.

For first time spa-visitors there will be plenty of unusual and unexpected movements. You will need to be comfy and relaxed with the bodywork they do. Bear in mind that even if the therapist works on your feet, the benefits will be felt all through the body. Thai massage is recommended to people who feel uncomfortable getting nude because Thai massage is performed with full clothes.

Massage school

In Thailand, you will find this massage form anywhere. In Bangkok, there is a 16th century temple called Wat Pho, which is an ancient massage school. Travelers get a massage from the students after touring the temple. The school is a good place to learn Thai massage techniques.

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